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Keeping Good Company in Midland

Entrepreneur and designer turned television producer, Brandy Bell, has switched from showcasing homes to showcasing the entire Permian Basin. 

Photos by TORI PEARSON and provided by BRANDI BELL

Pulling up to Brandy Bell’s home, you’ll get an immediate sense of hospitality. The smell of fresh cut grass as her husband Kyle finishes up for the night, the coziness of a sitting room perfect for visiting, the sweet taste of candy popcorn being served, and the down-home conversation with Brandy herself. And of course, her charming and witty granddaughter who lovingly calls her “Beebs.”

Getting to know Brandy is like watching a spectacular sunset light up the night sky. She is a ball of energy, using both setbacks and dreams to make the world around her not just a better place but the best place. And she does it without fuss or fanfare; she simply invites you in to share in the surprising elements and fun of life.

Brandy’s life has taken her all over the country, yet she says it is West Texas that is like no place else. It is the people in West Texas that took her in, loved her, helped in her times of need. When she first moved to Midland in the early 2000s, Brandy was a single mom working at a job that didn’t allow her anymore “tardies.” So, when the school called that her son was sick, she could not go get him. That moment was a hard realization for her, and she decided then that she was going to do anything she could do to ensure that never happened to her or any other mom again.

Ultimately Brandy opened and successfully ran an interior design company. Being an artist is at her core, and she loved the scale and creativity the work brought. In 2019 she was at the peak of her career, finishing up several big projects. It was then, at a time that seemed wrong, that she felt a tug away from her interior design business. With two kids still in college and no clear direction forward, she told her husband it was time. With his support she walked away from it all, wondering and praying where God was leading her next.

After a few conversations with various TV shows and networks, a friend encouraged her to film her own pilot. The idea stuck. Soon Brandy began raising money to support a locally produced television show that would be made by West Texans in West Texas. The aim is to show how to be a good neighbor by simply showing up—something Brandy says is the mission of Keeping Good Co.

When it came time to film the initial pilots, Brandy went to her friends to raise support letting them know one of the biggest hurdles in producing her own show was the financial consideration. She interviewed potential employees, letting them know that she couldn’t tell them what the future held but that no one would work harder than she would for this project. 
Together they believed in their team and the spirit of West Texas. Now that they are in full swing for filming episodes, their team is offering lots of investment and marketing opportunities for the community through the TV Show. 

As Brandy reflected on the reason, she was determined to keep the show in West Texas, she went back to the day she couldn’t pick up her son from school. She reminisced, “There was no reason for a group of strangers [in West Texas] to walk with a single mom and 3 tiny boys. But they did. And we are not the exception. I just think I’m the first one to decide to do a TV show.”

One of Keeping Good Co.’s philosophies is to not wait for a catastrophe to do something to encourage people. Show up to their daily lives. The goal of the series is not to film an elaborate makeover that is once-in-a-lifetime. Instead, Brandy describes it as “Mr. Rogers meets Martha Stewart.” Be a good neighbor. Show up. Create together. For each episode she keeps the projects to a budget of less than $1,500 so that the ideas are not out of reach and people can be inspired to do the same for their own neighbor.

For now, Brandy plans to enjoy the ride. She sets her schedule meticulously. For about 5 months she only films. Then she will set aside a month for writing her next book.  Next, she will work on a web series that will run with the show as it airs. Finally, she will spend a couple months on the development of the company. Within these seasons, she still hosts markets and workshops while supporting small businesses and single moms. 

She has authored two books, produced her show’s first season, brought together local small businesses to her marketplaces, inspired women at workshops, and lived with purpose every day. So, what’s next for Brandy Bell? Maybe the show goes to Netflix or Discovery Channel. Maybe she launches a line of watercolor art. Maybe she creates an entire new business that no one else has developed yet. 

But what if that doesn’t happen? What if it all changes and the TV cameras go away? For her the answer is easy. She plans to do exactly what she would do anyway, just without the cameras. She will have fun and inspire people. And there is no doubt that that is what Brandy Bell does best.
Leaving her house, little Marley stands at the door to say goodbye and remarks, “Look at that beautiful sunset, Beebs. Isn’t that awesome?” Past the driveway is an orange sky lighting up the Permian Basin with twinkling lights of an oil rig in the distance. I think this is what Brandy Bell sees in the people of West Texas. Showing up even after the grit of a long day, the determination to make your neighbor’s day a bit brighter, the lighting of dreams and the showcase of hospitality. 

She sees West Texas not as a stopover but as a home. A home that’s worth it. A home that deserves the backdrop of the most beautiful sunsets. A home that brings in granddaughters and shows them the beauty in the little things of life. A home that makes a seat for the neighbors to come and visit. A home that inspires others to do the same. †

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