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Walking 101

Walking for me is an instant mood booster. Fresh air, sunshine, and a walk makes me feel like a new person.  Now with temperatures cooling off (a little), I found the following tips to be really helpful to get the most out of my walk.

Use a Brisk Pace

Walking can help your body fat. When you walk at a brisk pace, your body starts to burn stored fat to promote weight loss.

Stick to a Regular Schedule

Walking is good for many health conditions. Walking for 30 minutes per day, five times per week is recommended for people with arthritis and for people with diabetes. Regular walking is recommended to prevent or manage many health conditions.

Practice Good Form

Make the most of your walking workout by using good walking posture, arm motion, and foot motion.

Wear Proper Shoes

You need the right shoes.  While you can take a walk in almost any footwear, you will be able to walk better with flexible athletic shoes that fit well.

Consider a Fitness Tracker

A pedometer or fitness tracker can motivate you to walk more. Whether you wear a Fitbit or an old-school waistband pedometer, you will probably walk more if you are tracking your steps each day.

Trek to a Green Space

Walking can improve your mood, especially when you're outdoors. Taking a walk in nature such as a park, green space, or forest can help relieve stress and give you time to think more clearly.

Try Treadmill Walking

Treadmill walking provides a great workout. When the weather is not cooperating, you can still enjoy treadmill workouts and reap the benefits of walking.

Train for an Event

Races aren't just for runners. Many events welcome walkers, both swift and slow. You can train for a5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles), half marathon (13.1 miles), or marathon (26.2 miles) walk.

Walk With a Group

Walking with friends can be a social activity. You don't need a team to enjoy walking, but it can be a great way to connect with others if you wish to do so. Walking alone or with your dog is a good way to get a quick workout.  

Switch Up Your Workouts

You don't have to do the same walk every time. If you vary your speed and intensity, you can enjoy a variety of walking workouts and get more fitness benefits.

More tips can be found at Very Well Fit

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