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Olympic Torch Craft

I am a huge fan of the Olympic Games, and so are my kids. They love this easy to make craft to get them into the spirit of the games.


  • thin paper plates
  • Gold foil star stickers
  • gold Sharpie Marker 
  • Fire colored tissue paper-red, orange and yellow
  • invisible tape
  • scissors


Start by adding stickers to the bottom of the plate. Make sure you make your design on the back side of the plate so that it is easier to roll up later.

Next, gently roll the plate inward so that it is a tight roll at the bottom, but looser at the top. Tape in place to secure once you have it positioned.

Now, layer your tissue paper as shown, varying the angles. I had to cut my tissue paper sheets in half to get them to the right size for the torches.

Gather the tissue paper from the center and squeeze the bottom so that it looks like the image below:

Tissue can now easily be inserted into the torch when you are ready to “light” it.

This craft is courtesy of Fun Loving Families

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