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How Does Your Garden Grow?

All of our rain in Midland is creating green lawns and beautiful flowers! Like this sunflower beauty from Pam Sloper or these gorgeous ones below courtesy of Lorene Lair Beach. Read on for some timely tips on keeping your garden and flowers in top shape as we round out summer.

Summer Gardening Tips

  • Trim back the perennial plants that are done blooming to clean up dead flower spikes and remove seed pods. This will help to keep the perennial garden looking its best, and make the flowers that are currently in bloom really stand out.
  • Deadhead annual flowers to give the plants a boost and encourage more blooms. Simply pinch off any faded flowers and seed pods from the plants, and soon they will be covered with flowers again.
  • Weeds? So many weeds with all the rain. Add a thick layer of mulch to help keeps weeds at bay. 
  • Trim your herbs. Trim all your herbs regularly so they produce as long as possible
  • Feed annuals and container plantings with fertilizer to boost summer blooming power.  Continue to feed every two weeks through late summer to keep the blooms coming.

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