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Anyone else itching to get out of their house and on to the beach, or cool down in the mountains? Or maybe just go anywhere that is not in Midland? We asked local Midlander and Travel Advisor Paige Thomas for her top travel tips.

Pack your bag, travel is back!  Staying at home and isolated from the wonders of the world has us all ready to GO!  As a travel professional, I am happy to share some of my top travel tips to make sure your summer travels and beyond are perfect! 

-Book your trip in advance

Making your travel plans at least 6 months in advance allows you the best options in resort stays, flight options and typically will get you the best pricing as well.  Last-minute travel can be exhilarating, but also very expensive and with limited options.  

-Check your documentation

Double check all your travel documents and necessary requirements needed for your destination. All names should match your identification exactly. As a general rule of thumb, passports for international travel should have at least 6 months left before expiring at the time of travel.  Some destinations have extra requirements, so make sure those are checked in advance. 

- Add insurance

Most travel packages have several options for travel protection that will cover not only cancellations but all of those things that come up and are not expected.  This could be last-minute illness, lost luggage, delayed/canceled flights, and more.  It may be a little extra upfront, but LIFE happens and it nice to know you are covered.  

-Travel with patience and flexibility. 

When it comes to travel, it almost never goes exactly as planned.  Pack extra snacks, medications, and a set of clothes in your carry-on.  Be patient with customs, airlines, etc, as they are dealing with a very sudden influx of travels and a ton more extra requirements they are responsible for.  

-Use a professional travel advisor

 Yes, we still exist and are more needed than ever!   Book with a trusted agent that will help you to find the vacation that meets your needs, takes care of all the details for you, and knows all the additional requirements about current travel. This takes the load off of you and makes your vacation……a true vacation!  

“We TRAVEL not to escape life, But for LIFE not to escape us.”

Paige Thomas is an independent agent of SunLover Travel and works from her home in Midland, TX and specializes in Disney, Mexico, Hawaii, and Caribbean vacations.  

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