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Star Principal- Buffy Meador

     Mrs. Buffy Meador became the Principal of The Hillander School in August of 2019 after being a Second Grade Teacher and the Assistant Principal. She is dedicated to keeping the traditional methodology that the school was founded on. The Carden Method sets the school apart by teaching reading in a way that produces superior reading skills and creates a love of reading.

     Mrs. Meador has high standards for all of the students, around 300 attend the school, from Pre-school to 6th grade. Work before you play is taught to even the youngest of students in order to instill a strong work ethic. She is involved in all aspects of running the school, from the smallest to the biggest of tasks.

     On any given day you will see Mrs. Meador greeting students with a smile, helping a teacher with technology, giving a hug to someone who is injured, reminding a student of how to behave appropriately, and the list goes on.

      In her first two years of being an administrator she has been faced with many challenges and she has persevered through them all. When schools were forced to close down last Spring, she made it her goal that Hillander students would still receive the same quality of education through on-line instruction. She spent the last few days of her Spring Break signing every student up for Google Classroom and gathering resources to equip her staff for this sudden change in instruction.

     She is always willing to jump in and help her teachers, whether that be through covering a classroom or simply providing a listening ear. Her caring personality, high expectations, and vision for the school all make her an exceptional leader.  The Hillander School is blessed to have Mrs. Meador.
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