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West Texas Food Bank

It has been a challenging year for the West Texas Food Bank and for our community in general. More families are struggling to put food on their tables than ever before. With COVID shut downs continuing, it will be quite some time before everybody is back to normal. The recent ice storm left many struggling to fill up their refrigerator after having to throw out food lost in the power outage following the storm. Also, higher energy bills and repair costs to damaged plumbing is continuing to heighten the need.  These types of emergencies hit especially hard in a community where many live paycheck to paycheck.

The West Texas Food Bank is no stranger to disaster. We work with people in crisis every single day. Thanks to an incredibly generous community, we have been able to meet the increased demand, which is about double to what we were seeing in 2019. Your support of the West Texas Food Bank means we can continue to help those who are struggling to put food on their tables. 

The best way you can help the West Texas Food Bank is to donate money. With the increased demand comes increased operating costs. Fortunately, we have been given a special fundraising opportunity. Thanks to the James A. “Buddy” Davidson Charitable Foundation – and the largest matching gift challenge in West Texas Food Bank history – your support today means seniors and families across the Permian Basin will have the comfort of a full plate, and a brighter, healthier future.

We partner with more than 100 hunger relief agencies and feeding sites across 19 counties to make sure healthy food is available for those who need it most, including seniors and others on fixed incomes.

From now until May 1, every dollar you give will help fill EIGHT empty plates until we meet the $500,000 match for a $1 MILLION total impact!

To learn more visit  West Texas Food Bank
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