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Indoor Activites for Kids

  Here are some indoor, winter-friendly ideas for kids so you can finish out this crazy blizzard strong!

  1. Break out the board games
  2. Cook or bake together
  3. Have a dance party to a fun playlist
  4. Camp inside with pop-up tents or pillow forts
  5. Work on a puzzle together
  6. Write out a simple scavenger hunt for things to find around the house
  7. Visit the Public Library
  8. Read a chapter book together
  9. Hide a favorite toy and play "Hot Cold" to find it
  10. Download a new educational app
  11. Family movie night with hot chocolate
  12. Have a LEGO Masters challenge
  13. Write real hand written letters to each other
  14. Do a science experiment 
  15. Do a fun craft project
  16. Give your kids 10 minutes of your undivided, screen-free, multi-tasking-free time.

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