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Snow Globe Ornament Craft

Tiffany Parsons, shares a fun and easy craft with Midland Living Magazine. This kid friendly craft  will soon be a favorite on your Christmas tree year after year!

      I got this idea from my daughter’s MDO class last year. When we unpacked it this year, she was so excited and wanted to make another one for this year! I thought this would be a fun activity to share.

Materials Needed:

*        Fake snow (I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby)
*        Scissors and small funnel (Not pictured)
*        Shatter-proof Ornament (I used the 3.27” size)
*        Printer and computer paper or photo paper
*        Ribbon


1.)  Have your child pose as if he/she is throwing snow up in the air. Snap a picture, print it (I printed mine on photo paper and sized it to 2”x 3”-wallet size), and cut around the picture.

2.)  Grab your ornament, the fake snow, and a funnel (or you can roll up a piece of paper to use as a funnel if you don’t have one handy). Remove the top from the ornament and fill it about ⅓ full with the fake snow.


3.)  Take the picture and roll it in on itself so that it can fit inside the ornament (You might need to cut off some of the picture to have it fit inside the ornament) Give the ornament a little shake to spread the snow around the picture in the ornament.

4.)  Place the top back on the ornament and tie a bow on top with ribbon of your choice!





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