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Kindness Advent Calendar

The season of Advent is upon us! Though we are already a few days into December, it is not too late to celebrate with one act of kindness each day. And with the way 2020 is going, we can all use a little extra cheer in our lives. Happy Advent!

Dec. 9: Hide a happy note for someone to find. I love putting sweet notes of encouragement in my children’s lunchboxes to find at school.

Dec. 10: Donate unwanted books or gently loved items to charity.

Dec. 11: Unexpectedly leave a coffee or drink for a friend.

Dec. 12: Smile at a stranger – or 2, or 15! 😊

Dec. 13: Get in touch with an old friend or relative.

Dec. 14: Let a car in front of you in traffic.

Dec. 15: Write or send a thank-you note.

Dec. 16: Smile and thank someone who serves you.

Dec. 17: Tell someone you love them.

Dec. 18: Pay for a stranger’s coffee.

Dec. 19: Offer to help someone.

Dec. 20: Feed animals (deer, birds, etc.)

Dec. 21: Donate unwanted, gently worn clothes to a charity that needs them.

Dec. 22: Do something unexpectedly kind for someone.

Dec. 23: Give a treat to your postal carrier. They are working hard this time of year!

Dec. 24: Thank a frontline or essential worker for risking their health (and sanity) to help others during the pandemic. Remind them how much their work is appreciated!

Dec. 25: Reflect and write down how much joy this holiday season has brought you.

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