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Sensory Turkey Craft

Need a last-minute craft to keep the kids busy on Thanksgiving? This is an easy and fun craft from Callie White. Kids will love it!


This turkey craft is a great child lead craft. You can use this same turkey we
used here or draw your own. Then have your child help choose what items they
want to use to decorate their turkey. You can easily adjust this activity to different
ages or interests.

Look in your pantry for food items, miscellaneous craft supplies,
or even outside for fun nature things. Maybe your child just wants to color it with
different markers, crayons, paints, stickers, etc. My kids picked some pretty
messy things but they had fun, and I say any purposeful mess is a good mess.
Apply the glue all over the turkey and begin the fun. This should be an easy craft
with whatever you have on hand; your child’s creativity will make it turn out great!


- Turkey Printout (or draw your own turkey!)
- Little Cups or Bowls
- Glue (Elmer’s or any craft glue that is easy to apply over a large area)
- Sensory/Decor Items (ideas: cereal, pasta, sprinkles, buttons, pompoms,
stickers, leaves, sticks, crayons and the list goes on )
- Googly Eyes


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