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Keepsake Turkey Tablecloth

My friend, Callie White is one of the most creative people I know. She is the mom of three active kids, and a preschool teacher. You can imagine she has quite a lot of patience! She always has adorable crafts she does with her children, and we wanted to share this one with you. You might just make your next family heirloom!

This craft is really more for Mom, but my kids still have a great time. I have a tablecloth that my kids put their hand prints on every year to make a little turkey keepsake. When I started I put my husband’s and my hand prints once in the center, and then have the kids do their hands around ours every year. I let them pick the color they want and then write their name and the year underneath. You or your kids can draw little legs, beak, and eyes one their turkeys. They could even decorate the turkey! In the center, I put “Thanksgiving Blessings”, but you could write whatever you like for your table. I can’t wait to keep adding to this along the way and maybe one day put my grandkid's hand prints on the tablecloth. Even if your children are older it’s still a fun tradition to start. It’s very simple  but just takes a little time and remembering to do it every year.



  •  - Light, Solid Colored Tablecloth 
  •  - Acrylic Paint (this is very important you use permanent paint or it will  wash off)  
  •  - Paint brush 
  •  - Sharpies for adding legs, beak, and eyes (again something permanent)  
  •  Any way you want to do lettering in the center (embroidery, hand  drawn, vinyl etc.)

 Callie White and her sweet family.

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