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PBMOM Permian Basin Moms of Multiples

Ella & Emma Jones

submitted by PBMOM, kristine manera


Permian Basin Moms of Multiples (PBMOM) is a non-profit, non-political, and non-discriminatory organization. We are here to provide parents of multiple birth children the opportunity of meeting with others who share their interests. Through planned programs, we assist each other by offering help, encouragement, suggestions, and ideas whenever possible.


PBMOM was founded in 2019 with 22 charter members. We are a local chapter of Multiples of America (MOA) and Texas Moms of Multiples (TMOM). Our membership includes members in Midland and Ector counties, and in some cases, even beyond. Areas currently represented in our group include Midland, Odessa, Gardendale, Crane, and Monahans. 

The Robbins sisters.

PBMOM, although very kid friendly, is a group for MOMS of multiples. Therefore, no matter the age of your children, you are welcome. We can all learn from and support each other at every stage of this journey. Within the past year, we have set up a multitude of exclusive playdates for our multiples including tours of Security Bank Ballpark, Susie’s South Forty, Midland Fire Department, and Texas Roadhouse. We have held several park playdates, and we strive to hold at least one Mom’s Night Out a month in addition to our monthly meeting. During this time of COVID, we have still had some amazing virtual events including interactive visits with Dinosaur George, Magician John O’Bryant, and we even had brunch with Queen Elsa! It is important for us to create a bond among our mothers and the multiples within our group.

I first joined a multiples group as I neared the end of my twin pregnancy in 2013. My twins were my first pregnancy, so my husband and I never knew anything different from the start. My family and coworkers at the time had suggested joining a group, so I thought I would give it a try. After joining and giving birth to my twins, my involvement in person was minimal for the first year or so of my twins’ life. However, just being a part of that multiples community was a life saver to me. I remember the early days of my twins…sitting on the couch, crying while attempting to tandem nurse, or sitting between the two of them pumping whilst still holding two bottles in each of their tiny mouths. I couldn’t see an end in sight. I remember literally thinking that I would never get off of our couch. It truly was, during this time, the members of my multiples group who carried me through. Even though, for many of us, we had never met. It was through their caring responses to my desperate posts and one member’s sweet trip by my house to drop off a cupcake at my door which made me realize that my twins had not only given me the gift of motherhood, but they had also given me a gift of being a part of an elite group of multiples moms. There is something about meeting up with another mom of multiples. Quite miraculously, you feel that you know them even if you have just met. It is a special bond that I have truly come to value. As my twins began to grow, we became much more active in the group. I formed friendships with the other multiples moms, and my twins began to create bonds with the other multiples.

Adams twins

When my family and I moved to Midland in August of 2018, I had to leave the multiples group that had become my extended family behind. After doing some Facebook and internet searching, I found that there was a Facebook group in the area called Permian Basin Moms of Multiples (PBMOM). I was so excited that I immediately joined the group and introduced myself on the page. After a few months though, I came to realize that the group was in no way like the one I left. My friends from my multiples group back home encouraged me to help revitalize the group, but I was nervous and scared. I had served on the Executive board of my previous organization in various positions for three years, but by no means had I ever served in every position to know how to start a group. This task of helping to start a group from the ground up was quite daunting. It took some time, and a few Godly nudges of seeing several twin moms in the wild, that I knew an active group had to exist in this area. Especially, when many families may be new to the Permian Basin without family close by. Being a mom is hard, even if you just have one child. We all face our challenges. However, being a Mom of Multiples takes on its own twist of trials. I truly felt every mom of multiples should have access to the support that she needs and deserves on the parenting of multiples journey. And, if nothing else, it is necessary to have a place to vent when you have been asked questions like, “Are they twins?” and “Are they natural?” for the umpteenth time. 

It was then that I met up with Kourtney Ayles. Kourtney had first started the PBMOM Facebook page when her twin boys were only 18 months old. She too knew the value of a multiples mom group and wanted to get one started. We had the same passion, so it was now time to unite to pull the group through. We began to hold several socials and playdates. We held our very first General Meeting at Midland Memorial Hospital in August 2019. We appointed a board in October of 2019, and it was with their help that our group began to take off. Although we have met with some setbacks, we are thrilled to be a place for Multiples Moms and their families to feel welcome, supported, and understood. 



What are twins? 

Macy: “Twins are a boy or a girl that are born at the same time. Well, they can be a boy and a girl or sisters, or brothers.”
Kase: “Twins are when God puts two babies in a momma’s tummy at the same time.”
Can you read each other’s minds?

Macy: “Sometimes”
Kase: “Sometimes. It is called ‘twintuition.’”

What advice would you give to a mom expecting twins?

Macy: “Be careful because they can be a lot of work, and you will have to change a lot of diapers.”
Kase: “Be careful because they can fight, but they also can play together.”

Gemma, Norah & Graham Lavenson

From Tricia Lavenson (Founding Board Member):

What is the best part of being a mom of multiples? 

The best part of being a twin mom is seeing my twin's relationship grow! They both have such different personalities, but the relationship that they are developing is so special and unique. 
They currently love egging each other on when they're being naughty. 

What is a challenge you face being a mom of multiples? 

One of the biggest challenges with raising 19 month old twins is not having enough arms! You can't hold both kiddos and do anything else at the same time. 

Why do you think being a part of a multiples organization is valuable?

Being a parent to multiples isn't easy, and the challenges we face are unlike many other parenting experiences. Having children close together in age is also challenging, but a completely different experience than having multiples! I love doing playdates with PBMOM because I can go places that I normally would never take toddler twins. Twin moms "get" how hard it is to take twin toddlers places, and step in to help me without even hesitating. Additionally, I enjoy being able to get advice and suggestions for handling all of the different stages from moms that I know and trust.

Why did you choose to serve on the board?

In Houston, I knew of many twin groups and when I found out that I was having twins in Midland, I was saddened that there were no such groups in this area. When I was asked to join the board and help start PBMOM, I jumped at the chance because I wanted to help build something in the Permian Basin that would help me as I raised my twins, but also help other moms of multiples in the area.

From Norah Lavenson (Age 5, Big Sister of Gemma and Graham Lavenson)

What do you like best about having twin siblings?

Norah: “The best part about having a twin brother and sister is getting to spend time with two siblings! And one day we can go on a sibling road trip together.”

Joana and Belana


From Ana Navarro (Founding Board Member): 

What is the best part of being a mom of Multiples? 

The best part of being a mom of multiple for me is that even though it is hard at times, their smiles, hugs and just being able to play with them makes it all worth it. We tried to conceive for 15 years without any luck, Now that we finally have them, we enjoy them a lot.

What is a challenge you face being a mom of multiples? 

One challenge that I have being a mom of multiples is that sometimes they both want hugs and kisses and attention at the same time. It breaks my heart that I can’t hold them or carry them both with me at the same time anymore. 

Challenges change though. My challenge at the beginning was when I had to carry both car seats with a C-section, no fun at all. I guess every stage has its own challenges, really. At the newborn stage, I was worried about producing enough milk to feed them both. Then, when they were released from the NICU, my challenge was to care for them at the same time. I quickly found out that if I wanted quality time with them, I had to make my peace with having one of them crying. Then, once the walking stage came, we had to baby proof the whole house. We were blessed to have a playroom for them, so it was “easier” to have control of them. And now that they are 4 years old, the fight for who gets to keep mommy starts, and it’s not fun.  

Why do you think being a part of a Moms of Multiples group is valuable?

To me being part of an Organization such as Permian Basin Moms of Multiples is valuable because it promotes the togetherness that other moms might “not understand or get”. To me this group is also valuable because the board tries very hard to get activities not only for the kids but also for the moms and sometimes dads too. It’s a very awesome group to be a part of.

Why did you choose to serve on the board?

I chose to serve on the board because I think it’s important for me to not only take my kids to a play date, but also to get involved in what the core values of the group are. I am amazed to know that the president of the group is an extraordinary person and mom that even when she’s homeschooling 3 kids, she still finds time to plan events and get us into national groups such as MOA and TMOM. Our secretary is also an amazing mom of 3 that even though she works from home and her twins are 18 months, she still finds time to do her duties and set events as well. So, if these two amazing women can do this with more kids than I do, I can do it too. This is why I joined the board; we have created a sisterhood so strong that we know that if for some reason I can’t do something, someone else can help me or take over the project or event.

From Joana and Belana Navarro (Age 4):

What is the best part of having a twin sister?

Joana: “We can sleep together and not be scared.”

Belana: “Joana plays with me!”

The Schmidt brothers

Common Questions Twin Moms Get Asked:

▪  Are they twins?
▪  Are they natural?
▪  Are they identical?
▪  Did you try to have twins?
▪  Do twins run in your family?

What advice would you give to a mom expecting twins?

1. The days are LONG but the years are SHORT!
2. If it doesn't have poop or spit-up on it, it ain't dirty!
3. Someday you'll miss this...if you can remember anything 
4. Don't have Mommy Guilt.  You do the best you can with the
    knowledge and abilities you have and PRAY God's grace over the rest. †

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