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COVID-19 Quarantine Time Capsule

We are living through a very unique time in history! Imagine how interesting it would be for you to remember in the future all the things you did during this time. 

Gather together as a family and create your 2020 family time capsule or create one just for yourself!  Use our FREE PRINTABLE (attached below) in your time capsule. 


Some ideas of things to include are:

Photos from this time of things you did while sheltered in place (working from home, homeschooling/online schooling, fun things you did as a family to fill the time). Be sure to date and describe on the back!

 An honest letter to your future self about the good and bad of this time.

A letter to your future children (if you are a child) describing what the quarantine was like as a kid.

A letter to your current children (if you are a parent) talking about the memories made during this time.

A list of things that were hard to find (We'll never take toilet paper for granted!)

Your artwork or journal pages that served as an outlet of expression during this time. 

Local newspaper cutouts 

Stories from your grocery store trips

Cards from friends and family 

Family handprints with dates and ages

A list of things you implemented (family meals at the table, baking together, mailing letters and artwork to family and friends, what board games you played, a new garden...)


Whether this time has been a blessing to get some perspective on priorities or a trial to stay afloat financially, a time capsule can help us look back and see our growth through both the hard and fond memories.  For me, it has been a time to rely on God's provision and to find small things to be thankful for.
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