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Feeling Frustrated? A Kid's Devotional Part Three.

Part three of the Devotional Series from “Coping with Coronavirus: A Kid’s Devotional for Finding God’s Peace in a Pandemic” by Chelsea Dorough & Jeanine Weise.

Nobody likes to be told no when they want something.  We are all hearing a LOT of "No's" these days! No going to school or playing with friends. Don't touch your face.  Maybe you can't see your grandparents right now.  Words like "no," "can't" and "don't" can make us feel mad feelings.  Mad feelings can lead us to sin or act in ways that hurt people (like yelling or name-calling). If you or someone in your family has acted in anger, God's word says that we can make things right by forgiving each other.

Ephesians 4:26 & 32 ICB says "When you are angry, do not sin.  And do not go on being angry all day...Be kind and loving to each other.  Forgive each other just as God forgave you in Christ."

Hug someone you love and say this prayer together: "God, your word says not to do wrong things when I feel mad.  I know that you forgive me for the mistakes I make.  Help me to forgive the things that make me mad so that my range will not stay all day.  Anger, anger, go away, I will not let you rule my day!"

Tip: Fold a sheet of paper in half the long way.  On the right side write the things that made you angry.  Then go back and write "I forgive" on the left side of each one.
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