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The Face of Comfort Smith’s Shoes

Howard Smith C.Ped, Vicki Smith, Jasmin Smith, Trea Smith C.Ped

How Do You Define Comfort?  In 1975, Howard and Vicki Smith opened Smith’s Orthopedic Shoes, to provide quality footwear craftsmanship, outstanding gait analysis, and top-notch customer service, and Pedorthic services to the Permian Basin. Forty-five years later, Trea and Jasmin Smith carry on that mission by providing each customer with proper Size, Structure, and Support to maximize Comfort, Balance, and Protection. 
Size matters, and our “Comfort Team” begins with foot measurements from the traditional Brannock Device and add modern computerized analysis to aid in proper fit and footwear selection. Style matters, Smith’s Shoes pursues footwear manufacturers that consistently focus on human ambulation and address the commonly encountered, variant foot shapes, creating a Stable Foundation that results in Maximum Comfort without sacrificing style. 
Smith’s Shoes Pedorthic Services help connect your foot with the proper Support System, whether it’s a baby’s first steps, finding your stride post-injury, or protecting your foot from the painful symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetes, and arthritis to evaluating gait post Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip or Back Surgery. Physicians, Podiatrists, Therapists, Chiropractors, and Home Health Providers recommend Smith’s Shoes to provide their patients with a proper foundation.
With new Technology, Old School Experience, and ongoing Pedorthic Training, Smith’s Shoes Friendly Staff will evaluate your Size, Structure, and Support and guide you to your Very Best Comfort!     
Smith’s Shoes your new definition for Comfort
5101 Twin Towers Boulevard | Odessa | 432.363.4271 | 
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