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The Face of Brand Photography Finch Media Co.

Leiken Finch

They say one image is worth a thousand words. This concept means even more in today’s competitive marketplace, where catching consumers’ finicky attention has become more difficult than ever. Lucky for you, Finch, specializing in brand photography, has perfected the art of capturing you and your business at their peak. Formerly known as Leiken Finch Photography, this company found its niche in brand photography in 2018 and ever since has aspired to tell a digital audience the story of the faces behind each brand. With innovation and expertise, the professionals at Finch use in-depth consultations to get to know each unique client. This informed partnership creates a basis for lasting relationships that generate repeat and new business through a system of referrals, promoting community above competition. With a focus on brand photography only (Finch doesn’t do weddings or other personal shoots), you can be certain your business will receive specialized care, and to reiterate a ‘community over competition’ approach, Finch hosts free monthly networking events known as Coffee + Connections. With more than 60 local businesses in attendance each month, the gathering promises to connect businesspeople in a spirit of professionalism and cooperation. So, the next time you want an image to do the talking, call the experts at Finch. 
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