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DeLaura Gammage

Face it—the Permian Basin real estate market has gone berserk. A regular fixture in the oil and gas industry, the region’s housing booms along with its oil supply. When the energy sector is enjoying an upswing, professionals flock to Midland and surrounding areas. Even in a “downturn”, Midland is still the hottest area where jobs are prevalent so when employees are laid off or looking for employment, Midland is the logical choice to find the next new job! In any situation, buyers and sellers always need guidance when buying or selling homes, and an experienced realtor by your side can make the real estate process exciting. When you call DeLaura Gammage at Legacy Real Estate, you get an expert. In fact, you get a whole team of experts— Gammage has five full time, non-licensed assistants behind the scenes to keep the process rolling smoothly! Her assistants are dedicated to the highest quality of service and give what she calls the “Gammage Advantage”! Gammage credits her success to the professional and educated approach to real estate, explaining her clients get knowledge, experience and specialized service when they sign on to work with her. DeLaura and her husband, Terry, purchased Legacy Real Estate Brokerage in 2015 — they employ a Broker and Terry manages the company while DeLaura still works the selling side of the business by representing buyers and sellers. Also active in real-estate associations, Gammage is Secretary/Treasurer on the Board of Realtors for the Permian Basin and Committee Chair for TREPAC. In her free time, she enjoys the company of her family - two grown children and in-laws as well as seven grandchildren!

4400 N. Big Spring | Suite 01 | Midland | 432.288.3880 

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