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The Face of Hospice in the Permian Basin Hospice of Midland

Nov 18, 2019 12:11PM
No one likes thinking about death; it’s a biological imperative that makes people uncomfortable and scared. At Hospice of Midland, however, a compassionate team of physicians, nurses, aides, chaplains, social workers and volunteers aims to change your perception of end-of-life care. By prioritizing communication, teamwork and simple humanity, they are helping Midland make peace with mortality. Their philosophy embraces a palliative approach to care, resting on a belief that individuals should have a right to choose how they leave this world. Focusing on pain management and the peace that comes from spending one’s last moments at home, Hospice of Midland also invites family members to share in the end-of-life process—because for this hospice service, the journey doesn’t end with loss. To ensure people have help through every stage of grief, hospice workers and volunteers stay in contact with family and community for at least a year after the death of a loved one. In fact, they started an extended program in the early 2000s, the Rays of Hope Children’s Grief Centre, that takes bereavement a step further to counsel young minds in the grips of painful transition. What began as a way to guide kids through grief has expanded to include all young ones dealing with loss from divorce, foster care or other painful separations. So, if you or someone you love must consider the unsettling reality of passing, let Hospice of Midland be your guide. 

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