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The Face of Oilfield Services SafZone

Nov 18, 2019 11:55AM

Sam Metzger

E&P companies can’t do what they do—extract oil and gas from the earth, refine and ship it—without an entourage. A complex web of technical players, marketing, support and environmental roles, the energy industry thrives on diverse talent. As such, SafZone Field Services, an industry leader for over a decade, provides on-site safety programs, consulting services, equipment platforms, and other containment services for Permian Basin operators. Originally founded to provide safety support, SafZone transitioned a few years ago into secondary containment. To provide these wide-ranging services, the business relies on a diversified leadership team. Matt Corrigan, Director of Operations, attended UT San Antonio as a pre-med student. He even went so far as to take the MCATs before realizing his place in the oil field (Corrigan worked part time for SafZone at the time). Sam Metzger, on the other hand, General Manager for the Permian Basin team, was raised in Chicago but attended SMU. After ‘roughnecking’ on a workover rig in Colorado City, he started his own service company (Red Rock Testers) before selling his share to a partner and joining the SafZone crew. Though they started from separate points, Corrigan and Metzger now run this thriving oilfield services company, and support its owner, Wade Ingle. So, if your business lumbers through the rugged oil fields of the Permian Basin, call the experts at SafZone, whose commitment to customer service and trust will exceed all expectations. 
PICTURED: Sam Metzger
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