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The Face of Staying Current Current Media Partners

Nov 15, 2019 11:13AM

Christi Callicoatte and Britney Mann

If you work in business (and have been paying attention), you know marketing has entered an exciting new era. With online media the new mainstream, trends come and go faster than most can keep up. Fortunately, Current Media Partners doesn’t fall into the ‘most’ category, and with Christi Callicoatte and Britney Mann leading the way, your company can become armed with the most effective advertising available. You see, this duo has more than 35 years combined experience—in both public relations and marketing—and they understand the speed at which today’s media moves. Along with unparalleled expertise, Callicoatte and Mann prioritize customer service above all else…just because online currents move quickly doesn’t mean personal attention has to. With flexibility and ingenuity, the Current Media Partners team gets things done. On top of delivering first-rate service to clients, this company creates strong relationships within the community, as Callicoatte and Mann have served in a variety of local organizations, including United Way, Aphasia Center, Centers for Children and Families, Dress for Success, and Pink the Basin. So, if your business advertising needs a facelift and you want to keep things local, call Current Media Partners today. Change is inevitable. Ride the Current. 

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