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All of us at Midland Living Magazine are heartbroken over the senseless events that unfolded this past weekend. We know the Midland community is full of compassionate people who are always ready to assist those in need. If you want to help those who have been affected but just aren't sure what to do, we have compiled a list of verified donation campaigns, via GoFundMe, where even the smallest donation would be greatly appreciated. 

Anderson Davis, ODESSA, TX

Anderson is the 17-month-old baby that was hit with a bullet fragment.   

 Midland Police Officer Zack Owens, SEMINOLE, TX

Officer Owens was shot in the line of duty during an active shooter situation. He was shot multiple times in the arm and hand, as well as suffering from glass shards in his eye, which is his most serious injury.   

 Mary Granados, ODESSA, TX

Mary was carjacked and murdered while working during the day of the mass shooting.   

Texas State Trooper Chuck Pryor, MIDLAND, TX

Trooper Pryor was shot in the face and had to have surgery. All proceeds will go to his family to assist with medical expenses and any other needs that arise during this time.  

Kameron Brown, ODESSA, TX 

Kameron's life was cut short by the active shooter. He leaves behind a mother, a sister, a brother and many extended family members and friends.   

Joe Griffith,  ODESSA, TX 

Joe was struck and killed by a bullet in the senseless, random act of violence. Please consider helping the family as they navigate their way without Joe. 

Efe Obayagbona, PFLUGERVILLE, TX

Efe is one of the mass shooting victims that was shot in his semi-truck as he was on his work route on state highway I-20.  He was shot multiple times, his right wrist was blasted and shattered, his left arm was hit also with the bullet going through his chest and lungs. This young man has a young family with children from 2 months to 5 years old. 

Marián Boado Encinosa, MIDLAND, TX

Marián was shot three times in the abdomen, chest and elbow.  She had surgery at MCH, but she completely lost her elbow. She is going to need more surgeries. She has a 10-month-old baby boy.  Please help her and her family.  

 James “Tom” Santana, ODESSA, TX

James was the OPD officer injured in the mass shooting. His injures aren’t critical but he is being treated in the hospital and has had surgery to remove bullet fragments. He goes out daily putting his life on the line for our community, and it’s our turn to step up and help him and his family while he recovers from his injuries. All donations will go to his wife and family for medical and living expenses. 

Edwin Peregrino, ODESSA, TX

Edwin was a victim of the mass shooting in Odessa. He had moved to San Antonio just two weeks ago, and came back to Odessa for the holiday to visit family.  He and his brother-in-law stepped outside in their own backyard and we’re both shot. He was SO FULL OF LIFE! Every room he walked in, he always had that room lit up with a smile and laugh. He made a difference in every soul he met; he made a mark. 

Rodolfo "Rudy" Arco, ODESSA, TX

Rudy was brutally shot and killed while driving home from work in the recent Odessa active shooting. Rudy was a father and friend whose life was ended way too soon.  Any donations would be very appreciated to help this family.  

Mark Gonzalez, ODESSA, TX

Mark was another victim in the Odessa shooting. His family is raising money for medical bills and to help him get the care he needs after he gets released from the hospital. Any donations will be appreciated. Thank you for everyone's support! 

Click to visit the full page dedicated to the victims of the Odessa I Midland tragedy and to stay up to date to check to see if others are added that you can help.  

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