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by crystale galindo | photos by leiken finch and provided by midland mom’s blog

What should you do before you head out on a road trip with your kids? What are those preschool years really like? Do I need to get on a wait-list now for child care when I am still expecting? As mothers, our minds are always on the go. Being able to connect with other local moms with the same questions is such a help.

 Jessica Nosek


Jessica Nosek, owner and founder of “Midland Mom’s Blog” (MMB), felt just that way 11 years ago when her daughter was born, but she could not sit back and allow others to feel that way. “When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had a very healthy pregnancy and there were no complaints there, but I just felt like I was the only one who had ever been pregnant and I felt very isolated,” Nosek explained. “What was worse is that I could not really relate or talk to anyone about how I was feeling.” Nosek shared that when her daughter was born, the feelings multiplied as she began to struggle with post-partum depression – something many new mom’s struggle with every day. “I did not feel connected enough or comfortable enough to be open about what I was going through,” Nosek said. “This was also during the boom of Facebook where, no one admitted they were struggling and everyone had matching embroidered smocks for their babies and everything looked so perfect.” 


Nosek said seeing all these seemingly perfect photos day after day, and then looking at herself in the mirror covered in spit-up and wearing the same pajamas she had been wearing the whole week she thought, “look at me – I am a mess – and look at everyone else who has everything under control – I can’t be the only one.” “I was in a bad place, as I now know that a lot of new moms are, and it suddenly became a passion of mine once I realized that I am not the ‘only one’ and we can talk about what is really going on,” Nosek shared. “So why not talk about it? Let’s talk about the gross and dark parts of motherhood – the things that are so real – because motherhood truly is a tough job.” 

 Writer's Workshop

Although, when Nosek’s close friend, Brooke Meabon, from high school approached her about starting a blog through the “City Mom’s Blog Network,” she still wasn’t quite sold on the idea. “My friend, Brooke, is the founder of ‘Alamo City Mom’s Blog’ in San Antonio and talked to me about beginning my own franchise in Midland,” Nosek explained. “At first, I told her ‘no, I am not really into the frilliness of baking cupcakes and sharing homemade chicken enchilada recipes, those things really aren’t me.’” Brooke would not give up and kept following up with Nosek. Meanwhile, Nosek learned more about the blog and how it had so much more potential than to just be the pretty side of parenting, so one year ago she took the step forward to begin Midland Mom’s Blog. 

 The Belcher Family is Justin, Kaitlin, and Rowen Jo

“I knew ‘Midland Mom’s Blog’ was a necessity because it wasn’t here!” Nosek said. “I grew up in Midland back when our population was maybe at 100,000 people and the city is so different today from what it was back then.” Nosek went on to explain that, yes, a growing, thriving population is wonderful but there is also a disconnect among those who are originally from Midland and those who are new to the area. “I feel like this blog is a great way to pull people together,” she said. “It helps me, personally, to get out of my house and meet people, and I know it will help others get out of their houses, too.” 

 The Carpenter Family is Craig, Jennifer, Conner, & Thomas 

MMB is well-rounded and covers a wealth of information written by 34 volunteer writers and is managed by a part-time executive team. “All of my writers are incredibly talented and have free range to come up with any topic they want to write about,” Nosek said. “My team also includes an executive assistant, content director and sales coordinator – every single one of these women is amazing and helps me sleep at night.”

Nosek stressed the importance of covering all topics in her blog to ensure that moms and parents have as much information as possible. “We get into anything – from struggles in marriage to postpartum depression, sex trafficking, pornography, learning about the LGBTQ community and much more,” she said. “As moms and parents, it is our responsibility to know as much as we can because our children will eventually come to us with questions and we should have an answer for them.” 

 The Roberts Family is Tim, Nicole, Roman, Reagan, Renley 

In addition to being able to share with other moms and keep them informed, Nosek said she and her writers have experienced tremendous personal growth. “Everyone on my team is so passionate and we all work together to get it done,” she said. “The pleasantly surprising aspect of all this is I didn’t realize how it was going to be received by writers and the Midland community, but when we are out at events or meet our readers face-to-face, we hear ‘I love what you are putting out there,’ and ‘I have been following you forever!’ – it feels so good to know that the pieces we are writing and sharing are really making an impact on people and are being well-received.”
Follower Rosi Kate Torres shared that she has found Midland Mom’s Blog to be a great place to learn about things going on in the community. “I love this blog and the amazing ladies,” Torres said. “They share everything you need to know for families, kids and moms!” 

Nosek said that her writers have also utilized MMB as the opportunity they had been seeking to reclaim their identity as an individual, not “just a mom” or “just a wife.” “The community looks to us and reads about local writers going through the same things they’ve gone through as well,” Nosek explained. “It means a lot to our team and our readers.” 

“All of the contributing writers for the blog are great,” said Rachel Rendall, Midland resident and follower of MMB. “It is such a bright spot in my newsfeed!”

Across social platforms, Midland Mom’s Blog currently has close to 6,000 followers from the Midland area, and receives almost 10,000 hits on the blog website every month. “At one time, social media was really doing us a huge disservice showing only the ‘perfect’ in pregnancy and motherhood, but the ‘City Mom’s Blog Network’ took that disservice and harvested it into something positive to unite moms,” Nosek said. “Some people are into the frilly side of parenting and that is perfectly okay but I took this platform, and the luxury of being able to make it anything I wanted, to share the underbelly of motherhood, talk about it and most importantly laugh
about it.”  

As Nosek looks ahead, she sees the future is very bright and is excited for what is to come. “When you think about it, we could go anywhere or do anything and that is very inspiring,” she said. “I think back to where I was 10 years ago, terrified as a new mom, and now I have put this all together to help all moms? I can’t believe it!” 

In all Nosek has learned and experienced, the best advice she feels she can share with moms and parents is to always keep trying. “If you try something and fail, that’s okay. Pick yourself back up and try again, and if you fail again, that is okay. You pick yourself back up and keep trying,” Nosek shared. 

 Jessica Nosek & her husband, George, with their children, Emerson, Isabel, & Hailey

“Make sure not to neglect yourself, don’t lose your identity and who you are, and don’t neglect your marriage. You’re doing the best you can for your kids and that is all anyone can ever ask.” †

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