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Since earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of North Texas,  I have made a career of being a professional artist.  Growing up I heard a lot of “yes, you are good at art, but what are you going to do with the rest of your life?”  I struggled with the answer to that question during my teenage years, but with the support of my parents, I pursued my passion for art.  

Most people think I have an easy job as an artist.  They would be wrong.  I love what I do, but being a professional artistis a lot of work.  I see myself as a small business owner and all that comes with it.  I spend more time than I would like with spreadsheets, receipts, and marketing. My income is not predictable which can be stressful, so I have to plan carefully.  However, the time I spend in my studio painting is a good trade-off for the ‘non-creative’ work.

I just closed a solo exhibit at the Museum of the Southwest in November 2018.  The pieces in that exhibit were part of my newest body of work.  Currently, I  start each piece with an abstract underpainting.  The process is very organic and free flowing, so I am never exactly sure what  I am going  to get when  I start a piece.  Once the first layer  is finished,  I have to determine the story and the direction of  the painting.  A face becomes a point of connection with my audience and a place to ‘step into’ the painting.  My art work is open for  interpretation and I like my viewers to react to the piece as  it speaks to them.   However, I also write a few paragraphs  about what  I think the piece means. Prayer is an integral part of the painting process for me. My artistic voice comes out of my faith.  After a painting is finished, I wait to ‘hear’ what it is about.  Sometimes I have an idea of the direction a painting will go from the beginning, but most of the time, I  just let the painting process lead me.  

I have been blessed to sell most of my original paintings, and I also sell prints of my work.  You can read more about my work on my website: or  follow me on Facebook: Art by Sara Drescher or Instagram: @artbysarad
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